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We’ve all seen transporters full of new cars, still partly wrapped in shrink wrap cruising up and down the motorway, but occasionally you will have noticed a sealed transporter or two, usually bearing the Aston Martin logo, or similar, on the side, and you could be forgiven for thinking that only brand-new supercars are fully covered for transit.

There are however many good reasons for choosing covered car transport over the more budget-friendly, and easily available open car transport. This blog post will go over some of those advantages, as well as the reasons why enclosed car transporter is a better option for you.

1.      Protection From the Elements

If a car gets rained on or dirty you just wash it right? Whilst this is true, there are many occasions where you need a car to arrive in pristine condition. You may be delivering a classic car or a supercar to a customer and want it to arrive looking perfect.

Or you may already own a classic car that needs to be delivered to an exhibition. Whatever the case, if you want the car to arrive in showroom condition, then covered car transport is the only solution.

Bad weather is not the only thing that can affect a car too. Sunshine can cause problems, damaging the paintwork and interior upholstery causing it to fade or even crack. This is particularly important for rare and classic cars, making covered car transport again the only sensible option.

So regardless of the weather forecast, when you want to transport a treasured or prestigious vehicle, you should consider covering it.

2.      Protect Your Car from Road Damage

Precisely the same logic applies for bad weather as it does for other damage the road can inflict on your car, except the consequences can be even direr.

We’ve all heard that dreaded ‘ping’ as an errant stone takes out a chip of our beloved paintwork, and whereas you can reconcile this as a fact of life for your daily driver, seeing a stone chip on the bonnet of your priceless collectible classic or newly polished supercar is just unacceptable.

Covered car transport is like a suit of armour for your car and you can rest assured that your car will arrive in the same condition it left, no matter what the road has kicked up.

Prestige Cars Transport Service

3.      Avoid Unwanted Attention

Whilst your treasure is en route, you certainly don’t want it getting the wrong sort of attention. Reputable car transport companies will be tracking your vehicle as it’s transported every step of the way, but why invite trouble?

Bad actors that make their living from stealing cherished and expensive cars are all too aware that these cars are often at their most vulnerable during transit. These people are extremely knowledgeable about the cars they wish to ‘acquire’, so ensuring the privacy of your vehicle as it travels is a no-brainer.

Not only should you want to hide the fact that your vehicle is being transported, but you should also want to conceal its destination. Covered car transport maintains keeps all this confidential!

4.      Maintain Your Mileage

It makes sense that covered car transport is only considered when you are making a long journey. Your sense of protection is usually the biggest motivator here, but don’t forget that you also save the additional mileage that would otherwise be added to your car.

Mileage is important, you may only drive your cherished vehicle for pleasure, so transporting the vehicle halfway across the country is probably mileage you could do without!

5.      Added Layer of Accident Protection

Driving is, by definition, risky. Covered car transport can help you minimise that risk bytrusting your car with a specialist who delivers these types of vehicles every day.

Part of the service includes choosing the safest route, avoiding any foreseeable dangers on the way, and reacting accordingly. You can also rest assured that any reputable covered car transport company will have the best insurance available, giving you further peace of mind.

Your vehicle will be tracked for the whole journey, and should the worst happen and there is an accident, you have an additional layer of protection in that your vehicle is strapped safely onto a solid chassis, as well as being enclosed in an outer layer.

Even a minor bump could cause catastrophic damage to a prestige vehicle on the road, but inside a transporter, the only damage is likely to be to the transporter itself.

In Conclusion

If you are at all concerned about getting your car to its destination in the best possible shape, you should seriously consider having it shipped on a covered car transporter.

It is statistically much safer than either driving it there yourself or sending it on an open car transporter. For more details on what we can do for you at Auto Stable Motormovers, contact one of our friendly teams today on 07889 361799, we’re here at your service.

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