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Auto-Stable Motormovers limited is a professional haulage company with years of experience in the automotive logistics industry.

We offer bespoke Car Transport Services for Covered Car Transport, Open Car transport, Supercar Transport, Classic Cars Transport, and Event Transport in our safe & secure car transporters.

We are a highly experienced haulage company, we can provide every one of our clients with a high-standard, personalised, and efficient vehicle transport service. 

Our door-to-door Car collection and delivery services are reliable, safe, and cost-efficient; our fully trained and experienced drivers will collect and deliver your vehicles safely, securely, and on time by your doorstep.

Furthermore, our high-standard car collection and delivery services are fully insured for your peace of mind, and we can tailor the car collection and delivery service to suit your special requirement.

Please get in touch with us for more details or request a free no obligation quote on 07889361799, our friendly team is here to help you.

Open car transporter carry 7 cars

Car Collection And Delivery Services For Dealerships

Here at Auto-Stable Motormovers limited, we have been helping car dealerships deliver vehicles and assisting Corporate Car Handover Services across the UK and Europe for many years.

We know the process involved in the collection and delivery of vehicles for the dealerships, we are experienced vehicle transport specialists and you can trust our team to deliver a high standard of services and complete the assignments on time every time.

With our extensive fleet and specially designed vehicle transporters, along with fully trained, experienced, and knowledgeable uniformed drivers, we can cater to all types of vehicle transportation.

If you are looking for an experienced car transport specialist to help you with your dealership’s delivery, we can certainly help you. Please contact us on tel: 01908 018073 for more information, our team is here ready at your service.

Car Collection And Delivery Services For Classic cars

Car Collection And Delivery Services For Classic Cars

Classic cars require extra care and special handling during transportation because they are typically irreplaceable and need to be protected from harmful elements on the road and the risk of damage.

Our specialised covered car transport service is ideal for collecting and transporting classic cars, and it includes features to give you complete peace of mind, such as keeping your classic vehicle private while it’s being transported as well as fully insured to give you peace of mind.

Contact us today to find out more about our collection and delivery services for classic cars on tel: 01908 018073, or you can also request a free no obligation quote via our online contact form here.

Prestige Cars Transport Service

Car Collection And Delivery Services For Supercars

Supercars, hypercars, and prestige cars undoubtedly require the highest level of protection when it comes to transporting your car.

You may want to move your supercar to a new location, or need to transport the car to a corporate event, or perhaps other reasons for relocating your luxury vehicles.

Whatever the reasons are,  the last thing you want when transporting your car is to attract any unnecessary attention or the risk of getting damaged.

It is a smart idea to use a professional and experienced car transport specialist to relocate your vehicle and our professional bespoke covered car transport service is perfect for transporting your supercar.

Car shows and promotions event

Car Collection And Delivery Services For Special Events

Do you need help with transporting your vehicles to special events? We can tailor the vehicle collection and delivery services to your needs, please contact us for more details.

As reputable vehicle transporters, we have worked with manufacturers, film production companies, and agencies by delivering vehicles to be used in photo and video shoots, product launches, exhibits, county fairs, motor shows, and several other exclusive automotive events.

Some motorsport vehicles are not road legal, and therefore can’t be driven to your race meet. Even if they can legally be driven on the road, motorsport vehicles may be not practicable to be driven many miles on the road.

Our specially designed enclosed transporter is ideal for transporting your vehicles to the event or any location required.

Our enclosed transporter offers an extremely low ramp angle for ensuring motorsport vehicles with minimal ground clearance are loaded with no issues, it is a perfect way to transport your vehicle to the event.

Reasons To Choose Our Vehicle Collection And Delivery Services

There are many reasons and benefits of using our high-standard vehicle transportation services for relocating your vehicles, this includes:

  • Modern And Enclosed Transport Truck
  • Safe And Secure Transport System
  • Door To Door Collection and Delivery
  • Fully Insured for Your Peace Of Mind
  • Highly Trained Uniformed Drivers
  • We Take Pre and Post Trips Photographic Surveys
  • GPS Tracking System
  • Tailor To Your Special Requirement

Do You Have Any Questions About Our Car Collection And Delivery Services?

If you are looking for a vehicle transport company to relocate your vehicles; and would like to find out more about our car collection and delivery services, please call us on tel: 01908 018073, and our team is here to assist you with your enquiry!

We look forward to receiving your calls!

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