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We offer event transport services across the UK and Europe, call us on 07889 361799 for more details.

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We are experts in vehicle transportation for events and promotions! Get in touch for more details.

Auto Stable Motormovers Ltd offers a range of bespoke vehicle transport services to many different types of events. As reputable vehicle movers, we’ve been working with manufacturers, film production companies, and agencies by delivering vehicles to be used in film and photo shoots, product launches, exhibitions, county shows, motor shows as well as many other exclusive automotive events.

We also regularly support corporate events, private club meetings, promotional events, and rallies for organisations across the UK and Europe. Our covered car transport offers the highest standard of collection and delivery services from multiple locations, and we will take care of your needs from start to finish. With a wealth of experience in the transport and logistics industry and our extensive fleet, we can handle all aspects of transportation for your special events. We will make sure your vehicles will be at your location on time and in perfect condition.

We are experts in event transport and we offer different types of car transport services to suit your needs. Our car transportation services include Supercar TransportClassic Car TransportPrestige Car Transport, Covered Car Transport, and Open Car Transport. If you have any questions about transporting your cars, please give us a call on 07889 361799, our professional team is here at your service. Alternatively, you can complete the online form below, send it to us and we will get back to you shortly.

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Why Choose Our Event Transport Services

There are many benefits of using our high standard vehicle transportation services for your event’s requirements, this includes:

  • Modern And Enclosed Transport Truck
  • Safe And Secure Transport System
  • Door To Door Collection and Delivery
  • Fully Insured for Your Peace Of Mind
  • Highly Trained Uniform Drivers
  • We Take Pre and Post Trips Photographic Surveys
  • Tailor To Your Business Requirement
  • GPS Tracking System

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Press And Promotional Events

There are many types of press events that feature vehicles. Cars can be used for their eye-catching appeal, or the event itself may be there to feature the car itself, for example, a new car promotional event. Auto Stable Motormovers Ltd is there to manage the logistics of getting the star of the show from A to B in safety.

Film And Photo Shoots

Auto Stable Motormovers Ltd works closely with film production companies, car manufacturers, and agencies to ensure the smooth delivery of vehicles to be used on film or photoshoots. Vehicles are delivered in showroom condition whatever the location. Get In touch to find out more today!

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Motor Shows And Exhibitions

If you need a vehicle delivering to a motor show or exhibition, Auto Stable Motormovers Ltd has the experience to help you. We can provide specialist care for the vehicle en-route, as well as providing valeting and detailing services either before the journey, or when your vehicle has reached its destination.

Product Launches And Corporate Events

If you need vehicle transport for a product launch or corporate event, we can offer you a safe, secure, and discreet service. We have worked with many companies like yours and understand that every assignment is different. You may need inspections carried out before and after the journey, and our experienced technicians can help you with your individual requirements. Get In touch to find out more today!

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