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Meet Our Brand-New Enclosed Car Transporter

We have recently added this brand-new specialist Iveco enclosed car transport vehicle to our fleet for those individual bespoke requirements. Our new vehicle will make sure your pride and joy arrive at its destination in the same tip-top condition that it left.

Our brand-new enclosed car transport is perfect for transporting any vehicle that needs to be kept pristine and protected during the transit, including:

Prestige and SuperCars Transport Services

Do you need Prestige or SuperCars Transport Services? We can help you!

Supercars, Hypercars, and Prestige cars undoubtedly require the gold standard when it comes to security and care. You may be moving your vehicle to a new home, or need to transport the car to a corporate event, and the last thing you want is to attract any unnecessary attention.

Our enclosed car transporter is fully tracked during the transit, offers a complete door-to-door vehicle movement service, and will be driven by one of our extremely experienced and fully trained drivers. 

Our professional driver will have planned the route in detail beforehand to avoid any unnecessary risks, he will also take great care of the loading and will ensure the vehicle is properly strapped and secured for the journey; with no contact with the vehicle body as well as giving perfect protection for the wheels.

Our transporter also provides full side access to cater for gullwing and suicide doors.

A classic is in a covered car transporter

Classic Cars Transport Services

Aside from the protection that enclosed car transporter provides, classic cars are also protected from clocking up unnecessary miles. Weather, accidents, stone chips, and general wear and tear can all be guarded against by having your classic beauty transported safely by our enclosed car transporter.

If you need help with relocating your classic car, please contact us for a free quote for your classic car transport service.

Motorsport Vehicles Transport Services / Event Transport

Many motorsport vehicles are not road legal, and therefore can’t be driven to your race meet. Even if they can legally be driven on the road, motorsport vehicles may be not practicable to be driven many miles on the road.

Our new enclosed transporter also offers an extremely low ramp angle for ensuring motorsport vehicles with minimal ground clearance are loaded with no issues. Our specially designed transporter is perfect for your event transport requirements.

We Offer High-Quality Car Transport Services As Standard

Regardless of the vehicle you want to be transported or the destination, our enclosed car transport service provides the following key benefits:

  • Detailed vehicle inspections before and after the journey; give you full peace of mind knowing that your vehicle arrives exactly as it left.
  • Secure onsite storage that is required for longer staggered journeys.
  • Live tracking of your vehicle allows you to view the journey street by street, including traffic conditions and vehicle speed.
  • Race ramps allow the safe loading of vehicles with low ground clearance.
  • Winch facility for loading non-running vehicles, coupled with soft straps to attach to safe zones on the car such as the axle, chassis, or towing eye. We never use a metal hook to load your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle will be fully secured in our transporter, with adequate clearance around the vehicle and sturdy exterior protection. We have a huge number of tie-down points within the transporter to guarantee no contact whatsoever with the bodywork.
  • £3m insurance as standard included, this can be altered for higher value load.
A prestige car transportation by Auto Stable Motormovers in a covered car transporter

Do You Need Help With Transporting Your Vehicle?

If you are looking for a reputable Logistic Company to transport your vehicle, please contact us for a free quote! Our Car transport services can be tailored to suit your needs, whether is a one-car collection and delivery, or multiple car assignments. Here at Auto-Stable Motormovers Limited, we can handle all types of vehicle movements.

Why not call us on tel: 01908 018073 to speak to us about your requirements? Our friendly and professional team is here ready to help you. Don’t forget, we can tailor every journey for every individual to ensure your vehicle arrives in perfect condition and on time.

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