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Auto Stable Motor movers have been providing open car transport across the country for many years. We are specialists in open car transport. We have worked with many private and corporate clients over the years, our wealth of experience in the field allows us to deliver your vehicle on time and in perfect condition.

We have an extensive fleet and highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable drivers, we can handle all open car transport assignments that deliver your specific needs according to your business. For your complete peace of mind, we’re fully insured and cover up to £3m. However, if further protection is required to meet a certain demand or scenario, this coverage can be increased.

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What Is Open Car Transport?

An open car transporter truck is loaded with cars

Open car transport is a common type of car shipping service. Open car transport is when you ship your car on an open car carrier and the transporter truck has a trailer that is open on all sides.

Open car transport is more cost-effective than covered car transport, this is because an open trailer car carrier can usually carry more cars, with an average of three to ten vehicles, whereas the covered car transporter truck can only carry an average of one to three cars.

Despite the cost-saving benefits of open car transport, you will find the same level of dedication and quality that we offer with all of our transport services.

Safe And Secure Open Car Transport

The open trailers are built and designed in such a way that the vehicles within are safe and secure. Strong metal beams and bars surround to protect the cars inside the trailer, deflecting items that could damage your vehicle. Of course, cars inside the open trailer are exposed to traffic and dust, but that’s no different than driving your own car.

Our open car shipping is a very safe way to transport cars. We load the cars carefully onto the open car transporter and secure them to the well-protected trailer. Our fully-trained drivers are well aware of the precautions they must take, as well as the importance of ensuring that everything is safe and secure at all times.

We specialise in all types of vehicle transportation, our car transport services include Super Car TransportHyper Car TransportClassic Car TransportPrestige Car TransportCovered Car Transport, and General Transport Services. Contact us today for your enquiry, our friendly and professional team is here ready to help you.

Reasons to choose our Open car transport

Our open car transport offers safe and cost-effective solutions for your vehicle transportation needs. Below are some of the great reasons to use our open car transport service:

  • Safe and secure transport system
  • Modern and enclosed transport truck
  • Corporate vehicle handovers
  • Model delivery platform used
  • Door to door collection and delivery
  • Fully insured for your peace of mind
  • Highly trained uniform drivers
  • We take pre-and post-trip photographic surveys
  • Tailor to your personal requirement
  • GPS tracking system

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